Frequently asked Questions


What is Ness?

Ness is a mobile ordering solution for the F&B industry. Customers can 'Tab and Collect' to pre-order their food and beverages on their journey, pick up as they arrived. Payment is made digitally as you place your order. It saves time from waiting in line, reduces social contact, and Keep You Moving!


How do I place an order on Ness?

Download Ness app> Select the restaurant/cafe that you would like to purchase from> Browse their menu and select the items you fancy> Login to your Ness account> Go to Cart to review and check out

Can I cancel an order?

An order cannot be canceled once you have confirmed. However the restaurant/cafe could cancel an order if there is issue in preparing the order.

Can I get a refund when the merchant cancelled my order?

Yes. The transaction will automatically be cancelled when the merchant cancelled the order. The refund will usually be made within 7 days.

How can I remove the Credit Card I stored in app?

Click on the credit card image, you can remove from there. Be sure you Add a new credit card for your next purchase.

Is there a minimum charge to order?

There is no minimum charge at any purchase through Ness.

What are the supported payment method?

We currently support Visa and Mastercard. 


How do I change my password?

Go to Setting> Edit Profile> Change Password

What if I change my mobile number?

Unfortunately you will have to create a new account for a new number. 

Why do you need my mobile number?

That is in case the restaurant needs to contact you about your order.

What are the language selection?

We currently support English and Traditional Chinese.

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